Marvy Le Plume Permanent

Le Plume Permanent markers are great for comic/manga drawing, cartooning, design, rubber stamps, clear stamps, landscape studies, gesture drawings, painting, and sketching.
There are 144 colours in total in this family of markers.

141 of the colors are a permanent, translucent, alcohol based ink and the pens feature a single brush nib.

The remaining 3 colours (white, gold and silver) are opaque, pigmented, and feature a ‘bullet style’ nib.

The 141 alcohol based Le Plume Permanent colours are translucent, meaning you can overlap colors to produce smooth blends. You can also create new color blends or add depth to your artwork with highlights and shadows. The alcohol based ink colours blend easily and dry quickly making it the perfect tool for comic/manga illustration and design. A colourless blender is also available for facilitating blending and removing small amounts of colour: a versatile tool.

Please see the colour chart HERE.

Le Plume Colour Wheel can be found HERE.

Le Plume markers are made by Marvy Uchida, established in 1910 in Japan (over 100 years history!) and extended to the USA, with the establishment of Uchida of America, in 1974.

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Showing 1–12 of 134 results