ZIG Kuretake Clean Colour Real Brush 12 Colour set

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ZIG Clean Colour Real Brush 12 Colour set.

With a single ended nylon bristle brush tip, ZIG Clean Color Real Brush is a water-based dye with a range of 90 colors.

Featuring in the ZIG Arts & Crafts line, the nylon bristle brush is small and very flexible with great elasticity, making it easy to go from thin to thick lines in one stroke.

Sets include: 4, 6, 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 80 and 90. (This listing is for the 12 Colour set)

Colors include in 12 set:

010 Black, 022 Carmine Red, 025 Pink, 030 Blue, 031 Cobalt Blue, 040 Green, 041 Light
Green, 050 Yellow, 060 Brown, 070 Orange, 081 Light Violet and 091 Light Gray

When paired with ZIG Blender or ZIG BrusH2o, there’s endless possibilities when it comes to blending.<

Blending Tips: Taking two ZIG Clean Color Real Brush pens, for a few seconds gently touch nib-to-nib. Keep the two pens horizontal, with one slightly higher than the other, and ink will flow from the top pen onto the tip of the second (lower) pen.

After using the blended pen, clean excess ink off onto a piece of scrap paper or towel. Another blending technique, take a ceramic or plastic dish and brush the color straight on to the dish (like using a palette).

Taking another color (preferably a lighter one) take up the color in the dish and brush away.


ZIG Kuretake

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