Sailor STORiA Fountain pen Pigment ink 20ml – RED (Fire)

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Sailor STORiA Fountain pen Pigment ink 20ml – Red (Fire)

Super fine pigment ink allows excellent flow with fountain pens.
This ink also works well with Dipping pens for both writing and drawing .

STORiA series comes in 8 colours: RED, PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, GREEN, YELLOW GREEN, YELLOW, LIGHT BROWN.  (This listing is for Red)

*Please note: If using for fountain pens, Sailor recommends use of this ink for “Sailor Fountain pens” only.

To minimize potential blockage of fountain pens due to dried ink, it is recommended to “use daily”.

Always close the fountain pen’s cap tightly after use.

Wash the neck of the fountain pen regularly.

**Because pigment ink resists water when dry, it is extremely difficult to clean dried ink from the nib, leading to irreversible  blockage of the fountain pen.




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