Pentel Orenz Mechanical Pencil 0.2mm : Khaki

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ORENZ is the finest size mechanical pencil lead on the market!

Although, such a small diameter lead (only 0.2mm!), ORENZ resists breakage during writing/drawing.

Ordinarily, a mechanical pencil sleeve is either fixed or projects as the button is pressed, but tends not to retract as the lead wears down during use.

The ORENZ sleeve projects with the lead when you push the top of the pencil barrel, however, it gradually retracts into the body as you write, becoming shorter according to the wear of the lead (meaning, the lead shaft is always protected by the sleeve).

Please see the photos to gain a visual understanding of this technology and find out how to use ORENZ correctly.

“Ain stein” pencil lead 0.2mm for use with ORENZ: these packs of leads are also available in our shop.

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