Kaimei Bokujuu (Moon Palace) 70ml

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This Sumi ink is made by Japan’s oldest Sumi ink company: Kaimei Bokujuu.

Kaimei Bokujuu was the first Liquid Sumi ink company in Japan.

Until this liquid ink was developed, Sumi ink was a solid stick which needed to be ground with water before use, this was very labor intensive.

The beauty of this bottle ink is, you can dip your calligraphy brush directly into the bottle.
(Do not need to pour into a dish or pallet.)

The ink stretches smoothly when you write and has a silken shine (like the ground stick Sumi ink) when dry.

This ink is not only used for brush, but also with dip pens. The favourite ink of the ‘God of Manga’, Osamu Tezuka creator of “Astro Boy”, “Kimba the white lion” and MANY more.

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