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Drawing Pen  


Screentone Accessory

Colouring Materials


  Drawing Pen

Copic Multi liner

Fine point type (Black)

Fine point pens, a range of pen sizes, easy to draw even thick lines. 

Very convenient for drawing frames on Manga Manuscript Paper.

(Tip size  0.05  0.1  0.3  0.5  0.8  1.0 [mm])


Brush type (Black)

Good for black washes, giving a very dark, even, matt finish.

Brush S


Brush M



Copic Drawing Pen

This fountain pen is specially designed for Manga drawing purposes.

FO1 nib is between a G Pen nib and a Mapping (Round, Maru) pen nib.

FO2 nib is made for drawing a thicker line than FO1.

The ink does not bleed when used with Copic/Copic Sketch/Copic Ciao when dry.

FO1 Black

FO2 Black

FO1 Sepia

* To achieve best results with Copic Drawing Pen, please do not apply heavy hand pressure, this can cause the ink to dry during a stroke.


Drawing Pen  Product Code Price
Copic Multi Liner 0.05mm CP-ML-FP0.05 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner 0.1mm CP-ML-FP0.1 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner 0.3mm CP-ML-FP0.3 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner 0.5mm CP-ML-FP0.5 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner 0.8mm CP-ML-FP0.8 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner 1.0mm CP-ML-FP1.0 $3.95
Copic Multi Liner Brush S  CP-ML-BS $4.45
Copic Multi Liner Brush M CP-ML-BM $4.45
Copic Drawing Pen FO1 (Black) CP-DP-FO1B $6.95
Copic Drawing Pen FO2 (Black) CP-DP-FO2B $6.95
Copic Drawing Pen FO1 (Sepia) CP-DP-FO1S $6.95



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