ZIG Kuretake Ultra fine brush pen set – Black and White

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ZIG Kuretake Ultra fine brush pen set – Black and White is the combined pack of Ai liner pen and Ultra fine tip White pen produced by ZIG Kuretake.

Ai Liner Ultra fine tip brush pen :

This brush is so fine it is possible to draw on a rice grain (like the famous Japanese artist Hokusai!)

The name “Ai liner” (Japanese ‘ai’ = love) is inspired by “Eye liner” because this ultra fine tip is as fine as make-up eye liner!

(But this pen is definitely NOT for using as an eyeliner!)

Ink colour : Black
Ink type : Pigment ink (Water proof when dry)

Length : 120mm
Diameter : 9 mm
Weight : 10g

Ultra fine White brush pen :

Opaque white ink brush pen which has Ultra fine brush tip.

Great for use for high light, cover the mistake, draw white line etc

  • Water based white pigment ink
  • Water resistant when dry

To start

Remove the cap and tip down.
Twist the bottom of the pen clockwise 5-10 time to release ink to  brush tip. (each twist, you will hear click sound, which is normal)
Try on the paper (for testing purpose) and check the ink flow.

If ink flow become lesser, twist the bottom of the pen 1-2 again to release more ink.

*Although, this ink is highly opaque and water resistant, however, may not cover well on dye ink picture.
Dye ink picture is easier to mix the colour with this white brush ink than other inks.

These pens are disposable pens, no replacement cartridges available.


ZIG Kuretake

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