ZIG Kuretake Clean Colour Real Brush Pen 901 Warm Gray 2

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*Please note:
ZIG Kuretake has reformed their colour system structure for the Clean colour real brush series.  No. 901 was previously called ‘Gray Tint’, however, it is now called ‘Warm Gray 2’.
You may receive either a  Warm Gray 2 or Gray Tint pen, however, both are actually No. 901 with the same ink colour used in both.
If you find any Clean colour pens with the same number, however, they have different names, they are still the same ink under the same number, only the name is different.

ZIG Kurerake Clean Colour Real Brush Pen is perfect for quick illustrating, sketching, designing and cartooning.

Water-based dye, odourless, xylene free.

Available in 120 colours

Easy to create both narrow and wide lines!

Create watercolour style effects with water brush pen!

Made in Japan


ZIG Kuretake

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions 154 × 13 × 13 mm