Pentel Smash Mechanical pencil 0.3mm Black body

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The motorcycle-inspired design of its matt black metal body with a rubber grip.

Unlike ordinary mechanical pencils (which are constructed with two parts: a tip and grip), the Smash pencil tip and grip are an all in one construction (see photos) which prevents loosening or wobble of the pencil tip.
Also additional stability is achieved by a low centre of gravity mechanism.


  • Pencil tip and grip are all in one construction.
  • Raised square rubber on the grip to prevent slipping.
  • Low center of gravity.
  • 4 mm lead sleeve.
  • Pencil cap has a bellows shape which absorbs knocking shock.
  • Eraser located underneath the pencil cap.
  • Lead grade indicator. (4H – 2B)

To adjust the lead grade indicator, twist the grip counter clockwise to pull it away from the barrel.
Then push the lead indicator’s ring up towards the grip section, rotate it so the circular display is over the desired lead grade, and push the ring back down to secure it. Screw the grip section back into place.



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Weight 13 g
Dimensions 139 × 11 × 9 mm