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Akashiya SAI set

Irojiten Third Edition


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  • Manufactured by: Tombow


 IROJITEN Colorpencil Set of 30, SeascapeThird Edition of IROJITEN out of 3 Editions

"Irojiten" is the Japanese expression for "colour encyclopaedia or dictionary."

Overall, there are 90 colours available, divided into 3 "Editions".   Each "Edition" consists of 3 "Volumes" containing 10 pencils each (rather like sets of encyclopaedia).

* This set we are selling is the Third "Edition" (and, therefore, contains 30 colours, divided into 3 "Volumes" only).  For collecting the full range of colours, you will need to obtain the First and Second Editions of IROJITEN separately).

These beautifully crafted pencils are presented in an attractive boxed set of three embossed volumes.

IROJITEN colour pencils are suited for detailed drawing such as: Botanical art, Wild life sketching, technical drawing, etc...

Because these pencil leads are firmer than other colouring pencils, you can sharpen the pencil lead to a finer point than other, softer, colour pencils, allowing you to draw finer details.

The editions have an outstanding look and feel and give the impression of being a high-end “color encyclopedia.”

The exquisite enamel finish of the pencils, the packaging, and the high quality of the product have made Irojiten an all-time classic in Japan.

These sets are perfect for the artist as well as the collector.

Irojiten Colorpencil Set of 30, Seascape

Volume 7, Fluorescence include: Plastic Pink, Surprise Red, Equatorial Orange, Sunset Orange, Dazzling Sun, Firefly Yellow, Lightning Yellow, Neon Green, Flash Green, and Vigorous Green.

Volume 8, Very Pale Tones include: Cameo Pink, Almond Blossom, Ecur, Eggshell, Asparagus, Opal Green, Cascade, Horizon Blue, Lupine, and Verbena.

Volume 9, Dull Tones I include: Cedar Wood, Cinnamon, Oil Yellow, Sage Green, Verdigris, Hummingbird, Jay Blue, Hydrangea Blue, Heather, and Tyrian Purple.

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Akashiya SAI set

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